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Technical Author Services - now retired

Are your Manuals and Help Guides as good as you'd like them to be? Do the users find them easy to read, easy to understand?

Some companies feel that their Manuals and Help Guides aren't professional enough. Occasionally, some customers complain. Others will phone the help desk instead of reading the documentation. Or sales aren't as good as expected. Sometimes, even your own staff don't think the manuals are quite good enough.

This is where professional Technical Authors can help you. We are specialists who make it our business to write proper documentation. We organise the information properly. We write clearly in Plain English. We provide an easy-to-use Index-at-the-back, to help your users to find the answers they are looking for.

    Experienced Technical Authors to help you learn

In terms of business expertise, I have been running a technical authoring business since 2000, and have about 200 clients. My background covers a wide range of science and technologies, so I can write about almost anything with competence.

A good Manual or Help Guide is a Sales Asset. It's something your salesmen  can "show off" to your prospects. If the Technical Manuals are good, it gives the prospect confidence that they're buying into something that you can support properly.

I have now retired, so I'm offering you my FREE Technical Writing Courses UK. You can also have a look at Professional Authoring Services for business and industry. And Technical Writer Services for bespoke Manuals and custom online Help Guides

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