How to receive Holy Spirit and use His gifts - the new book by Tony Chamberlain

"The Promise of the Father"

There are many books on Holy Spirit ministry, but I have yet to find one as good a read as this. Published in May 2017, it is a practical guide to what the Bible really teaches on the subject, and tells you how to bring God into your life in a new way.

Evangelist Andy Economides (the man who led J. John to Christ) writes this:
"Anthony Chamberlain's book is a timely message to the church - a message that too often is forgotten or ignored. He is bringing an important truth to our attention, so that we can be released and renewed. ... When we are baptised in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit we are able to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which we are told to 'eagerly desire'. You will be blessed as you read Anthony's excellent book, which is challenging, inspiring and Biblical. Seek the Lord and His Spirit with all your heart."

The promise of the father - the giving of Holy Spirit

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