Walk National Forest mission 2009

TESTIMONIALS from the Teams

"Was the mission any good?" ... "Did people enjoy it?"

Let the volunteers speak for themselves:

• Amazing schools work all over. One team received an open invite to go in any time to speak with pupils. Many great conversations in 2 & 3’s – lots of questions asked – seeds sown.
• In Ashby, over 50 responses to the Gospel were reported up to Friday and they still have the Statutes Fair over the weekend to go.
• A ladies' Pamper evening had 10 girls come in off the street and an Asian lady responded. As there were 2 Asian lady team members, they were able to minister in a very personal way.
• A contrast of events noted by one team.
   - A curry night with 50 men – busy and noisy but the Gospel was well received with many responses.
   - And then a healing service, where a great number experienced a reverence in the atmosphere and, again, many responded to the call for prayer.
• A man in a pub had seen lots of people with the red shirts and wanted to know what it was all about. We spent 1½ hours with him on the first night, and have spoken to him again since. He has lots of questions, and we’ve invited him to a “Hot Potato” discussion evening (Alan Humphrey & Peter McCabe).
• An evening of old time dancing at Oaks in Charnwood proved challenging – first dance a tango – but enjoyable due to the very warm reception. Many people took 'Knowing God Personally' booklets (KGP) and they would welcome Christian input at future events. - Peter Robinson.
• A lady who had attended a Vicarage open afternoon was walking her dog past the hall where we had a 'Hot Potato' discussion event. The dog refused to walk on and she was invited inside, where she took part and even asked a question! - John Hibberd.
• A team called on a lady who said she had no money. The team found a £5 note on the pavement and gave it to her!
• “There is a real buzz...” - church member.
• “That was a beautiful song” - primary school pupil at Broom Leys, after a learning a song about Jesus.
• “I have never heard the class sing before. We must do something for Harvest” (a teacher).
• A door-2-door team led a lady through the steps to faith using the 'Knowing God Personally' booklet (KGP) and she prayed a prayer of commitment. They then went next door and did the same with a 16 yr old lad. Praise God.
• “The Mission has really refreshed us. It’s just what we needed. I hope we will
continue after the team has gone” - a church member.
• At a senior citizens' lunch on a table of 5 ladies, three received an assurance of their eternal destination, and a fourth was well on the way to faith.
• At an afternoon ladies group a 94-yr-old, who has been at the church many years, was led through KGP to reconsider her relationship with Jesus.
• A church member met by a team in the street was prayed for, for which she was very grateful. Also, a chance encounter with a man at a church allowed the sharing of the Gospel and it was felt he was very close to giving his life to the Lord.