Walk West Dorset mission, 2011 

GEA is linked with Through Faith Missions (TFM), an organisation that works with churches in different areas of the country, to help them to do mission.

Mission, in Biblical terms, means "out there" not "in here". Jesus said "Go...", so we go.

About once a year there is a major mission somewhere in the country, and hundreds of volunteers come from Christian churches across the land, to join in, and help out. 

The West Dorset Mission Area

The mission area covered Dorchester, Maiden Newton, Beaminster, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Bridport, Burton Bradstock, Abbotsbury and finally Weymouth and Portland. The mission took place from Saturday 17 Sept until Sunday 2 Oct 2011.

About 250 volunteer missioners gathered together, to work with local churches in the area. After the mission, the church leaders wrote,

"Thank you to all from TFM who have taken part in this adventure of faith. The vision is being fulfilled; the seed has been scattered and the fruit will come forth.

Also, a warm thank you to all the participating churches in being so welcoming and hospitable.  The teams are tired but joyful: they have seen many blessings. Some blessings, however, will be unseen known only unto God; seeds have been sown on good soil. Thank you for your time, love and energy in sharing your faith throughout West Dorset. A deposit of God's grace is left in the wake of this mission and the spiritual boundaries have been reset."

In Summary

  • Local missioners came on a Training Course in Gloucester, Friday evening and a Saturday morning, 3rd & 4th June 2011. There were other courses across the land, on different dates.

  • They took a week's holiday.

  • They enjoyed their faith like never before, and returned home different; changed; more confident in the Lord.

They paid for travel to their mission church, normally using public transport, but once there, all meals were provided.


  • Men who are fit enough, normally sleep with their team on a church hall floor, bringing a bedroll/sleeping bag, backpack, etc. Some of them walked a few miles mid-week to another mission base, carrying their kit.

  • Ladies, and those men who could not manage a hard floor, stayed with local church families for the week.

Daniel Cozens Night of Colour
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