We cannot work in God's harvest fields without Prayer.

One of the objectives is to meet regularly to pray with one another, particularly about practical Mission and outreach to those who are not yet Christians.

We have seen God do amazing things on these missions. Here are just a couple, but there must be thousands over the years.

• At the Walk National Forest mission, a lady had prayer for a trapped nerve that had prevented her from lifting her arm above shoulder level for years. By the next day, she was healed and full mobility was restored. Praise God!

• There was a short mission to Maasailand in equatorial Kenya in 2009, where there had been a severe drought in the land for 2 years, and the mostly-rural economy was severely hit.
The team gave an evangelistic talk to 300 prisoners in Narok Prison, in the open-air central compound. Just after we arrived, the prison chaplain introduced the team to the prisoners and said, "These people have come from England, to bring you the word of God, and to bring rain." One second later, the rain hit us. The prisoners burst into spontaneous applause.
The rain continued and, after 2 or 3 minutes, the men were getting rather wet, and started to drift back to the cell blocks.
The chaplain prayed, "Lord, we need to give your word to your people. Would you please stop the rain?"
And within a minute, the rain just faded away.
Needless to say, God had their attention that day, and 30 prisoners gave their lives to Christ.

For more mission quotes, see comments from other volunteers at
Walk National Forest mission, 2009.