TFM Training Sessions
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Once a year, Through Faith Missions (TFM) runs a major mission to various areas of the country, at the invitation of local churches.

Associated with each mission is a series of training events, held at different locations around the UK, on different dates.

Below are recordings of some of the sessions run in Gloucester in 2011.


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Session Audio Sermons Subject Speaker Play / volume / pause
Session 1 Recording failed (technical difficulties)    
Session 2 Recording failed (technical difficulties)    
Session 3 Spiritual Rule of Life and  Holiness Mike Wilkinson
Session 4 Telling your Story Maggie Wilkinson
Session 5 Telling the Gospel Story Mike W
Session 6 Helping the Enquirer Maggie W
Session 7 Door to Door work Philip Tory
Session 8 Working in Schools Mike W
Session 9 Practicalities of Mission Philip T

"Through Faith Missions" presentation Philip Tory

Audio Sermons MP3 download from Gloucester Evangelists Association, Gloucester.