One-Week Missions in UK 

GEA is linked with Through Faith Missions (TFM), an organisation that works with churches in different areas of the country, to help them to do mission. They have been running missions for about 18 years, and have trained over 4,000 people. This is a tried-and-tested approach that has been refined over the years.

About once a year, TFM organises large missions in different areas of the country. Hundreds of volunteers come from across the land, and they will work with churches across a large area - sometimes across whole county.

Just as Jesus sent out the disciples in twos, so do we. It only needs two people to "go forth and tell the greatness of the Lord".


  • Men who are fit enough would sleep with their team on the church hall floor (bring a bedroll/sleeping bag, backpack, etc.) Depending on team arrangements, they may need to walk a few miles mid-week to another mission base, carrying their kit.

  • Ladies plus men who cannot sleep on a hard floor! were in different teams, staying with local church families for the week.

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