Evangelism: a Distance Learning Course with Through Faith Missions

Distance Learning Course

This course is for the more serious student of evangelism. If you really have a heart for outreach and really want to "know your stuff", then this might be for you.

You study at home, at your own pace, with the support of a national organisation. The course is run in partnership with St John's College Nottingham Extension Studies, so it is well organised, properly run and carries a recognised certificate at the end.

Some students have moved into full time or part time evangelist ministry after passing this course.

Since 1991, TFM has taken several hundred people on missions, and has been delighted to see many discovering their evangelistic gifts.

Evangelism Training by Evangelists

This course takes on board the following key issues:

- National and interdenominational (- but only available in the UK).
- Training of evangelists by experienced evangelists.
- A flexible, high quality course in partnership with St John’s College Nottingham Extension Studies (and others).
- Strong practical input through weekends, a summer school, and an assessed mission.
- Portfolio-based learning ensures that students have the opportunity to demonstrate that they can do the work of an evangelist in practice.

For more details, see TFM missions' Society of Contemporary Evangelists.

A Society

This is not just about training evangelists, but about creating a Society, whereby trainees can form a fellowship, a community, to support and encourage one another. Several students have been appointed to full-time or part-time evangelist posts within local churches of different Christian denominations.