TFM Mission Accessories: A5 Foldover Clipboards

Note: These are not available from TFM. But read on...

Something I've used on door-to-door missions for some years is the TFM A5 clipboard. It's hard to find these in the shops, so I tended to buy one or two whenever I saw them. Have a hunt online.

On eBay, search on "A5 clipboard foldover"

► Following feedback from another missioner, order blue or black; he thinks that red looks a bit too "in your face".

·  A5 is small enough to go into your small backpack.
·  It holds the Mission Questionnaires nicely, and protects them from wind and rain.
·  It's easy to write on and handle.
· ALL the teams I have provided these for really like them, and many missioners bought one from me.

Tip: Look for the kind that has a clear plastic pocket on the inside cover for completed forms, Contact slips, or tracts such as Knowing God Personally, in case you don't have a pocket handy.

Quick Tip: Easy access to Summary Sheets with your A5 clipboards

For quick-and-easy use of the TFM A5 clipboards:

  • Cut a one-inch diagonal off the bottom right-hand corner of the Summary sheets.

  • Keep a couple of these at the back, underneath the Survey Sheets.

  • After the interview, a quick push at the corner with your thumb (where the arrow is) will lift the Survey sheets, so that you can get straight to the Summary sheet underneath:

Tips for using the A5 Foldover Clipboard - easy access to the Summary sheet at the back

Teach your Team Members how to use it!

What about the larger A4 Clipboards? Do they work?

These are rather unmanageable and, as one missioner said, "You need three hands to hold it!"
They're also too big to go into most small backpacks.
Stick with A5 size - it's easy to use, convenient to hold and pack away.
It saves paper too, because you can use A5 forms.

Philip Tory, Gloucester

TFM Clipboards
A5 Foldover Clipboard for T.F.M. mission use, available in different colours

Size about 7" x 10"