A Presentation at your Church:
Raising up Evangelists

The Wounded; the Lost...

When praying about this, we had these words from the Lord:

  "Don't walk past my wounded, my wounded, my wounded."

You see, people without the Lord are spiritually "wounded".

This evangelism approach is not about "hellfire preaching"; it is a gentle way of showing people who Jesus is.

Some estimates say that about 10% of church congregations would like to learn how to do a simple kind of part-time evangelism, and even go on a short mission. This is wonderful news - but how do you find them?

First, find the people

We have a talk and PowerPoint presentation aimed at explaining the Biblical reasons for mission, showing an easy and gentle approach to the Gospel, and finding people in the congregation willing to have a go; to learn; to be bold and share the Gospel.

These presentations take about 30-40 minutes, and are normally given in at a Sunday service. They are bible-based, and centred on what Jesus asks us to do.

From previous experience, about 10-15% of the congregation wanted to take this further and signed up for training. Some of them eventually came on a Mission with "Through Faith Missions" (TFM). After the mission, they felt they had really been doing what God wanted them to do. It changed their lives, and it changed the eternal lives of other people too.

Mission Training

If you want to learn to play the piano, you have lessons.

If you want to learn how to drive a car, you need driving lessons.

If you want to share your faith and enjoy it, you need lessons. In fact, for the one-week missions, you go on a Friday-evening-and-Saturday training course, in which you learn how, and then go out and do it, working with others who have done it before.

For local mission work, we give a Saturday morning training session.

Dates: For dates for local training, please contact us. For details of TFM Training and other events, click here.

Even if you don't take a week off to go on a mission, come for the training:
it's important to know how to share your faith with others

Invitation to speak

If you would like a presentation at your church or Christian group, then please contact us.


Training is normally provided two or more months before the TFM mission week.

If you would like your church members to take part, you would need to book a Mission Presentation in advance.

To ask for details, please contact us.