One-day Mission Training School

A typical "Through Faith Missions" (TFM) training school runs from 7pm on a Friday evening and finishes at 6pm on the Saturday.

The course covers:

1: Introduction to Walk Missions
2: Pub Evangelism

3: The people we need to be: Holiness
4: Telling your Story
5: The Gospel Message — How do we communicate it?
6: Helping an Enquirer to take the next step; following up, etc.

7: Door-to-door Visiting and the Personal Beliefs Survey
8: Work in Schools Work: Assemblies and Lessons
9: Mission practicalities.

Cost: £25 per person.

From a previous course in Gloucester: What did trainees think?

Here are testimonials from some of those on the course.

Adrienne Curtis, from Solihull:
“I attended the TFM training weekend held at Brunswick Baptist Church in Gloucester.
It was a wonderful time. Every one of the leaders and speakers was excellent, very encouraging and positive. They really cared for all the trainees. It was very practical. I loved the pub evangelism and door to door work and it has given me a lot to think about since I returned home.
I wish I could say that my effort had produced a great harvest. I need to pray more that the people I meet will be open to the gospel message.
The hospitality I received was wonderful. During the weekend we all quickly got to know one another and there was an excellent team spirit. I am looking forward to joining the mission team in Dorset.”

Teresa Strait of Brunswick Baptist Church, Gloucester:
“Even though it was my first time to attend the TFM training course, I am glad that I obeyed God to take the step of faith. It was encouraging to hear from the teachings, from testimonies of the speakers, and the participants. What I learned in the seminar is that the most important thing is to make myself available for God to use.
During the door to door visiting, I found that my communication needs to improve. I need to learn to speak louder in sharing the word of God. I didn’t feel any hesitation when inviting people to engage in conversation. I felt like I wanted to hear from people we met that they were thirsty to know God.
I will continue to pray that God will give me more courage to speak His word, not only in this kind of event but in my daily life, and to people whom I will meet.”
John Edwards, from Birmingham, says: “I thought it was very good, very worthwhile, and I’m thinking of doing another one. I think once I got used to things, it would be very helpful for me.”

Thomas Nhachi of Kendal Road Baptist Church:
“I certainly benefitted from attending the course. I think it is a great opportunity for individuals to experience hands-on, practical exposure to mission work. The experience can potentially be used in one's day to day contact with people, be it in the pub or one's neighbourhood even. The presence of people who have done evangelism in the past also helps with confidence building.
The training event is also an opportunity for self-appraisal, i.e. you will be able to either bolster your existing abilities in this area, or it can be that you become aware of the fact that this ministry may not be your gifting, and thus helps you decide to pursue other areas of your giftings.
Once again, thanks for making the training possible.”

Glenys Davies from Cardigan:
“The course was very helpful indeed. The fields are ripe for harvest in Gloucester. Go and be encouraged, in the streets, door-to-door and in the pubs. I spent two hours out, and 5 people were contacted for Jesus. People are searching for answers to life’s problems. Be the link in the chain – or the reaper!”

David Dowling from Brunswick Baptist Church, Gloucester:
“The training weekend started on Friday at 7pm - 10.15pm and then on Saturday from 8.45am to 5.30pm.
After a short time of worship, we had an introduction to 'walk missions' and then a session on pub evangelism, why we go and what we do when we are there. After this session, we went in twos to various local pubs to put onto practice what we had been taught.
Saturday began with worship and a session on the people we need to be, the importance of holiness, and living in a way that honours Christ. We then shared with one another how we came to faith in Christ.
Before lunch, we looked at presenting the gospel message and helping those who may enquire about our faith. In the afternoon, we went visiting some local homes where we were allowed to share our christian testimony and were quite well received.
After returning from visiting homes and a cup of tea, we were taught how to work in the school situation, avoiding the pitfalls.
The whole weekend was helpful and challenging.”

Maureen Keepin, of New Life Church, Cirencester:
“I so enjoyed the TFM training course. It is a mixture of theory and practice. Immediately going out to share the Good News is so helpful at reinforcing the message - before you forget how important it is.
I would encourage everyone to 'taste and see that the Lord is good'.
He goes before us, and when we feel we cannot do it, that is a great place to be! He can then provide the love, strength, the words and the actions needed... we are the empty vessels that He can work through.
I think the work of TFM is so vital because I am relying on others telling my family members who are not yet saved. We all, I am sure, know someone whom we would love to know the Lord... family, friends, workmates, neighbours…
“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send out workers into His harvest field.” Matthew 9 v37-38.
God bless you, with love from Maureen.
PS: Seven people saved on the streets in Cirencester this morning: five young college students, a person who is a carer, and a man in his 60s who had come away from the Lord when he lost his wife 10 years ago. His grandson had asked him to go to Church with him, sowing the seeds.”

Rev Malachie Munzaneza, Minister of United Reform Church Gloucester:
“The Training Event at Gloucester was very good and encouraging for me personally and it gave me hope for the future.
It was good to meet all the participants I had never met before. To hear the news and dreams of each one at the beginning was great. To interact was enjoyable.
The team of facilitators/trainers was well versed in their material. The Manual's content meets the needs of those who want to get involved in Mission. The 'Inland Mission' is imperative today if the Church wants to survive with God's help.
The 'Walk Mission' model of practical Evangelism to reach out to Cities, Towns and Villages in UK is worth pursuing and I wish more people and Churches can get involved and passionate about. It is an answer to Christ's prayer for 'Harvesters' and the fields are ripe despite the voices of discouragement.
It was challenging to practise the 'Pub Evangelism' and 'Door-to-door’ visiting in the City. I tried it thinking about incarnational evangelism but I did it alone and was discouraged. The team spirit is much better. Jesus was right in sending two by two.
'Telling your story' topic was good as that is the most difficult for most people in the Western world. Sharing Faith is very important because it helps others to open up and share their story and become 'contagious'. I do hope that TFM will seek more to train people in local Churches. This would encourage working together and supporting each other among participants in short radius and better follow up.
The 'Gospel Message' topic and 'Helping Enquirers' brought back the idea of the simplicity that does not contradict the depth and weight of the message. We need to revisit it in world of sophistication and complexity.
My wish: That TFM strive to work with local churches to train men and women who have the zeal for Telling the Story of Jesus, and how his story has created their story.
Gloucester has a condensed history of the 'Telling of the Story' of Christ from the Roman time with the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Reformation Church and Free Churches and the pride of having had giants like John Hooper', George Whitefield, Robert Raikes and others I am waiting to discover and now the 'Cathedral City'. We are in another era but the Message of the Gospel is basically the same. We need to tell it.
I was blessed to be able to take part in the Training. I wish more people from local churches had attended. But you can still organise Training in our local context.
Thank you again for inviting me to participate in such a specific event.
With every best wish.

Adam Trigg, BSc (Hons), MRICS Associate, Management Consulting:
"The training course was very well structured and delivered, supported by very useful resource materials. As a result, I feel much more confident about going on Mission and the event fired up my faith in a wider manner. I was very encouraged by the interaction between new (like me) and more experienced Mission partners - everyone was very open to discussing concerns and sharing in the excitement of the forthcoming Mission.  
The practical application of techniques such as pub evangelism and door-to-door was really useful. Just getting out there and doing it. For sure, as a first timer I will be on a steep learning curve, but I feel much better equipped.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed the door-to-door work    
Mission feels relevant and real as a result of the course and I am looking forward to working in God's strength as we go forward.   Praise God."

Accommodation: Men would stay on church hall floors (bring a sleeping bag and air bed) to simulate actual mission conditions for men who are fit and enjoy a bit of "camping indoors". All women, and men who cannot sleep on the floor (e.g. back trouble) will stay as guests with church families.